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Mr. Naseem is an outstanding Clinical Psychologist! He's knowledgeable, courteous, and considerate. The location is handy, and the appointment hours work for me. I really suggest CWPR for mental wellness.
Nitin Mishra
Staff is highly knowledgeable and works with you to identify issues and provide the best care for your needs and abilities. Excellent support in identifying problem areas and efforts to address them.
Rahul Saxena
Thank you, CWPR, for always going above and above! Professionalism, assistance, and caution! What a breath of new life! You genuinely like what you do, and it shows! I adore my consultant! Thank you very much!
Payal gupta
Because of my job loss and financial issues, I was at a nasty place in my life after the epidemic. I was trapped and alone, with little hope for my future, but thanks to Team CWPR for assisting me in recovering from a tough era in my life.
Ankur Sharma

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