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Centre For Well-Being & Psychological Research

CWPR Group serves people having psychological problems (depression, anxiety, etc.) by providing an array of high quality, affordable Psychological Services. It also provides a setting for psychology students and professionals to receive supervised training.
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A highly skilled team comprising some of the most well-known names in psychology works to improve your well-being. A thorough selection procedure was used to carefully examine each candidate. Trained and experienced in all psychotherapy techniques.

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Reclaim your well-being and develop a healthy long-term relationship with your mental health! Take the first step towards better mental health with CWPR Group. Our team of professional psychiatrists and experienced clinical psychologists provide best-in-class treatments for all of your emotional and mental health needs – so you can manage stress and anxiety recovery, once and for all. Our team of experienced psychiatrists and psychologists provides personalized support for all your anxiety, stress, and recovery needs, helping you build a healthy relationship with your mental well-being.
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Depression is a psychological condition characterised by persistent melancholy, anger, tension, and weeping outbursts. Reduced enjoyment or interest in typical activities or hobbies. Loss of energy, tiredness despite absence of activity A change in appetite, accompanied by dramatic weight loss or increase A shift in sleeping patterns, such as trouble sleeping, waking up early in the morning, or sleeping excessively If you’re nervous or anxious, Restlessness, irritation, or the sensation of being slowed down.
If you have these symptoms for more than 3-4 weeks, you should see a mental health professional right once.


Anxiety or worry is a sensation of tension, anxious thoughts, and bodily changes such as elevated blood pressure. Anxiety is a natural reaction to stressful conditions and is a normal part of life. It can even be advantageous when it warns you of a potential risk. However, for some people, it becomes greatly amplified and persistent as a result of an exaggerated sensation of risk. Anxiety disrupts daily tasks such as work, school, and sleep. This form of anxiety may interfere with relationships and pleasure of life, and it can lead to health troubles and other issues over time.

  • It is Generalised Anxiety Disorder if the sense of anxiety lasts all or most of the time.
  • A Phobic condition occurs when anxiety is felt solely in a certain scenario, such as a crowded place/social situation/lifts/plan.
  • If you experience significant anxiety on an episodic basis, you may have Panic Disorder.

Somatic Disorder:

Somatic symptom disorder is defined by the presence of one or more somatic symptoms, as well as excessive thoughts, feelings, and/or actions connected to the somatic symptoms. Furthermore, the symptoms create considerable distress and/or impairment. A known general medical issue may or may not explain the somatic symptoms. Physical complaints/pain/fear of having a significant medical issue result in requests for medical examinations and consultations. Reassurances from physicians and negative results from investigations do not reassure a person.


Schizophrenia (derived from the Greek words schizein, which means “to split,” and phrn, which means “mind”) is a psychiatric diagnostic that explains a mental condition marked by irregularities in reality perception or expression. Auditory hallucinations, paranoid or odd delusions, or disordered speech and thought with substantial social or vocational impairment are the most typical symptoms. Schizophrenia is a severe, devastating brain condition that lasts a lifetime. It causes people to hear voices, see things that aren’t there, and believe that others are reading or directing their brains. Symptoms usually appear in young adulthood, and around 0.4-0.6% of the population is afflicted. Symptoms often appear in males in their late teens and early twenties. In women, they begin in their mid-20s to early 30s.

Other signs and symptoms include

  • Unusual ideas or perceptions
  • Movement disorders
  • Difficulty communicating and expressing emotions
  • Attention, memory, and organisation issues